First Havila Investment Group

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First Havila Investment Group Limited is a Highly Ghanaian private owned company registered under the Ghana companies code 1963 (Act 179) which liability is limited.
We are an asset management firm, comprised with large funds management structures, we also do project/business financing/funding as well as engaged with many investors globally, Financial consultants, Real Estate, Import & Export of general Goods, Mining, Aviation and Airlines, Property management, Governmental Projects, Oil and Gas, Agricultural, high stars Resorts & Hotels as well as affiliate with other international corporate investment entities and International Law firms with investigators & detectives worldwide.
We are recognized in the USA, Ghana, Dubai, Canada, Indian, China, South Africa, moreover we are expanding into other European, Asian and African countries for our business endeavors expansion. 

We are a solid firm that unfolds your house plan and construct to your desirable luxurious home, we seeks to create greater opportunities in all construction field works and to carry out our operations in an effective responsible manner. It is our aim to set the benchmark for indigenous construction works, as well as financing your business in Ghana.

We can build your home, business, office, etc. irrespective of your financial stability with low demands.

FHI Group would love the opportunity to build your new home and make your building experience memorable. Our service promise is based on providing exceptional value, genuine commitment, and building quality houses that stand the best of time. It has proven to be a successful formula; happy customers have helped us become one of Ghana's most successful home builders and land developers.

For Lenders - Investors:

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Just click on contact us to send us a short message. (Example: I am an Investor or a private lender and want to invest my money for high return)

You can make much more interest on your money and watch it grow!

Our system lets you make an outstanding profit of 5-15% annually or more on your money!

Tell us how much you need on your money and the period of accountability and we shall serve you better.

Plus you will know your money is helping someone who actually needs it, we shall give you annual report on the money of who, where, how and why your money was invested.

Our investors are always satisfied with our services, just relax and watch us do the job.

Are you a private investor, angel investors and do you have money to invest?

If you need your money in return of CASH, GOLD, DIAMOND or any other Commodities, we shall deliver according.

Don't be afraid to make an offer!!

Just click on contact us to send us a short message. (Example: I am an Investor or a private lender and want to invest my money for high return)

Mining Support

 We also provides Mine support by providing financing for your mining equipment prior exploring mining site for acquiring/purchasing your precious metals, due diligence and facilitates for financial investment facilities through international & local banks, private investors and Angel Investors worldwide. 

Purchasing Gold

FHI Group also assist gold traders upon their purchases and transporting of precious metals in Ghana, however many foreign buyers has previously faced diverse problems and loses via purchasing & transporting their products at their own risk, most of the complains of loosing millions of dollars due to unable to attain the proper sellers sources.

In this manner, we serve as your precious metals facilitator in Ghana to offer legitimate service, whiles many has purchased through our safe hands.



We deal in large shipment of sugar, rice and other commodities worldwide

Interested parties contact us for quick service.

Business Development & Administrative Support

First Havila has the zeal to emphasizing on executive business administrative, job placement and business development worldwide.

Our vision is to have every customer recommend us to their closest friend and in fact word of mouth is the way that most new customers hear about us. 

We are very proud that most Ghanaian's and foreigners trust us to build their home and offers many services within our scope of business than any other entities and drives our actions every day.

We help you build an attractive business plan to meet the desire potential investor for business/project financing, moreover Company/corporate registration is one of our service offers to our potential clients.

We provide world class project management, relating to: Educational Projects, Sports facilities Projects, Health Projects, Religious Projects, Office Project, Special Projects, Bank Projects, Hotel projects, Residential projects, Road projects among others. However, we are also into Real Estate and the building design Industry.

FHI Group produces sand, gravel, ready-mix and asphalt concrete and other construction materials. Unusual among large contractors, FHI Group handles both large and small jobs.


First Havila Investment Group has earned a solid reputation for integrity, dependability, leadership and value, due to our unwavering attention to quality construction and unfailing pursuit of customer satisfaction. It is our promise to build a trusting relationship to meet your expectations. Our Associates are available any time to answer your questions and make your luxury home building experience a positive one.

Thus why we have been named as your first business treasure partner.


Our vision is to have every customer recommend us to their closest friend and in fact word of mouth is the way that most new customers hear about us. It's something we are very proud of, that more Ghanaian's trust us to build their home than any other builder and drives our actions every day.


Business Financing & Facilitation

Suagr, Rice trading and other commodities

Mining Exploration and Drilling 

Oil and Gas Exploration and trading

Real Estate Development

Business Development and Administrative support

Import & Export of General Goods

Mining Supports and Equipment

Travel  Service

Mining and Precious Metal trading

Real Estate Agency and Development

Distributor of Building Materials

Construction of Residential and Commercial property

Civil Engineering Works

Projects and Contracts management

Painting ( Homes, Offices etc. )


Tiling ( Floor and Wall )

Plumbing ( Cold Water, Heating and Gas Installation )

Sports Stadium Projects

Church Projects

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